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Protecting your computer from malware, viruses, and cyber threats is crucial in today`s digital age. Many computer users opt for system protection agreements, which promise to safeguard their devices from potential harm. However, there are scammers out there who use the guise of system protection agreements to deceive unsuspecting victims. In this article, we will explore the system protection agreement scam and how to avoid falling victim to it.

What is the System Protection Agreement Scam?

The system protection agreement scam is a type of fraud in which scammers pose as computer technicians or representatives of well-known antivirus software companies. They contact computer users through phone calls, emails, or pop-up ads and inform them that their devices have been infected with a virus or malware. The scammers then offer to fix the problem by selling them a system protection agreement.

The scammer will ask for personal and financial information, such as credit card numbers, to process the payment for the protection agreement. They may even ask for remote access to the victim`s computer, claiming that they need it to install the software. However, once they have access, they can install malware or steal sensitive information.

How to Avoid the System Protection Agreement Scam

To avoid falling victim to the system protection agreement scam, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Be wary of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or pop-up ads that claim to be from an antivirus software company.

2. Only purchase system protection agreements from reputable software companies that you trust.

3. Never give out personal or financial information to an unsolicited caller or emailer.

4. Install and regularly update antivirus software on your computer to protect it from potential threats.

5. If you believe your computer has been infected with malware or a virus, run a scan using your antivirus software or contact a reputable technician for help.


The system protection agreement scam is a dangerous fraud that can put your personal and financial information at risk. Stay vigilant and follow the tips outlined in this article to protect yourself from potential harm. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Trust your instincts and only buy system protection agreements from reputable sources. Stay safe online!

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