Helmetcam designed for X Games…price says so

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To meet our yin/yang quota, our friends across the pond have developed a camera targeted directly at you my extreme sports friend. The Predator VX360 hits what might be the very top of the line for the helmet cam category. Once sticker shock has settled, you’ll see why Predator Technologies priced this bad boy close to $900. Predator claims a three meter submersion (that’s almost 10 feet for us stateside folks) which is nothing to scoff at. Let’s be honest though, for most uses of a helmet cam with extreme sports, would you really ever need more than 3 meters? We didn’t think so. The rugged outer shell is superior to any other design that is currently on the market allowing you to be clumsy without regrets.

In a design paradigm shift, the cam has two separate parts for the video camera and the recording mechanism. Not all together bad, but around here we like simplicity and when the website mentions “cable management” it makes us gag. The nifty side of the coin is that you can check the mount angle of the camera on the LCD screen after it’s set up and with the playback functionality you can also watch the sick move you just pulled right after you land it. It has it’s use. The camera can rotate 360 degrees and is easily adjusted on the mount.


Specs for the camera and LCD screen are straight from the horses mouth below:



Aside the cheesy A-Team music playing in the background (really guys…really) the video below is pretty rad. The video quality is good enough for youtube but where the Predator really stands out is the stability of the image which tromps the competition. Don’t take my word, peep the vids yourself.

Lots more videos can be found here via YouTube and Vimeo.

Overall a great, light, waterproof rugged helmet cam…but just too expensive to be feasible. C’mon guys, it’s a recession…

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